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Business Handshake

How Global eCommerce Will Affect Latin America in 2019 

February 12 2019 

Musicians in Recording Studio

Portland Bound

October 2018 

Bridal Jewelry

Top 3 Wedding Jewelry Trends for 2019 

May 13 2019 


The Best and Worst Airlines Flying Today

March 5 2018 

Couple Running

How to Eat for All-Day Energy

March 8 2019 

Artist Performing on Stage

11 Celebrities Who Are Genuinely Good People 

January 15 2019 

Baseball Coach

Find a Career You Love With a Sports Management Degree 

January 8 2019 

Eyelash Plucking

How To Take Care of Your Lash Tweezers

June 13 2018 


16 Crazy Useful Things You Wouldn't Think to Pack for Vacation 

June 11 2015



Editorial Manager

Qool Media 2014-2016

I started working with Jordana in 2014. Her talent for crafting high quality content under tight deadlines was apparent immediately. Not only was she a skilled writer, but her professionalism, friendly manner, and flexibility made her a pleasure to work with. Trust me: If you’re looking for a writer who can tackle any topic, Jordana’s work is worth every penny.


MSW Candidate, Columbia University 

Jordana thoroughly reads my work for formatting, grammar, and clarity.  She is prompt and responsive at all times.  


She provides valuable constructive feedback and ensures that I am able to turn in my best work.