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Editorial Manager

Qool Media 

I started working with Jordana in 2014. Her talent for crafting high-quality content under tight deadlines was apparent immediately. 


Not only was she a skilled writer, but her professionalism, friendly manner, and flexibility made her a pleasure to work with.


Trust me: If you’re looking for a writer who can tackle any topic, Jordana’s work is worth every penny.



Goldmar Property Management

I can't say enough about how amazing Jordana has been for our businesses over the last year. She has been writing for 3 of our companies in 2020.


I wouldn't hesitate to hire her at any time for your writing project!



Content Manager

Simple App

Jordana created articles on nutrition, sport, and healthy lifestyle for our mobile app, and I’m thrilled to write this recommendation for Jordana, as her contribution was major.

It was easy to work together with her. She always sticks to deadlines. Even though our content guidelines are pretty strict, Jordana had no problem following them. 

It was a pleasure to work together with Jordana, and I hope that we will have an opportunity to collaborate again in the future!


MSW Candidate

Columbia University 

Jordana thoroughly reads my work for formatting, grammar, and clarity.  She is prompt and responsive at all times.  


She provides valuable constructive feedback and ensures that I am able to turn in my best work.