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My interview with Maya Ajmera

Recently, I was honoured to be able to interview Maya Ajmera, the CEO of the Society for Science and the Public, a nearly-100-year-old institution focused on making science more accessible to American youth.

My interview with Maya was published in SEEMA Magazine's December issue, and can also be found on their website. I've written a number of articles for SEEMA, and have been able to speak to many interesting women including Top Chef's Palak Patel, but no article has been so significant in terms of subject matter.

With more than 285,000 Americans (as of today) dead from COVID-19, science has never been more important. The work that Maya and her team are doing is absolutely integral to ensuring that rabid doubt of science, healthcare professionals, and vaccines will hopefully soon be a thing of the past.

You can read my article here, or check out other work I've done for SEEMA in my portfolio.

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