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Meet Jordana

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Welcome to my blog! My name is Jordana Weiss.

Jordana Weiss, freelance writer

I’ve been a writer since childhood, but four years ago I started a career as a freelance content writer.

Since then, I’ve written content in a variety of niches ranging from travel and leisure to the environment, medicine and health, insurance- if you can think of it, I’ve probably been paid to write about it.

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After I graduated from high school, I attended McGill University, where I honed my research skills through a degree in English Literature. I spent a few years working in the theater industry as a stage manager, which is where I learned a lot of the organizational skills that I still use on a daily basis to keep my business running smoothly. I also learned how to stage fake sardines so they look real (lube), how to make people look like they’ve just been caught in the rain (lube), and how to ease sticky drawers and hinges on prop furniture (wax- don’t be gross.)

I’ve always loved reading, and as a voracious consumer of words both on and offline, I started to get annoyed every time I went to a website that hid mediocre content behind clickbait titles like "16 Foods You Didn't Know Could Kill You". At the time, I didn’t know anything about bounce rate, and how tons of people visiting your site just to leave four seconds later is something that search algorithms now penalize. I was just annoyed and disappointed every time I clicked through and was faced with yet another photo of a cute dog. Cute dogs are awesome, but it’s just part of what they do.

Take my dog Nelson, for example. He does it professionally.

I started realizing just how important content is, and I wanted to get involved in the industry. So I started slowly. For the first little bit, I wrote in the evenings and on my one day off from my theater job. I wrote backstage as the audience was being seated, and during intermission. Soon, I had a thriving career and was able to pick and choose the jobs that I was interested in.

Picking the Jobs I Love

I love working with entrepreneurs, small business owners, and companies who are also passionate about content. I love working with managers and editors to determine how the content fits into their editorial calendar, and how to optimize articles for search engines and social media to ensure they can be found by the people that need them.

I’m a fantastic and meticulous researcher, but I have personal experience in several niches that brings real value, including:

Arts and Entertainment- I’ve been a production assistant, trainee producer, and stage manager in theaters all over Canada and the UK.

Travel- I’ve visited more than 17 countries and have been hired to write travel itineraries professionally.

Content Writing and Entrepreneurship- I run my own freelance writing business.

Here are some other interesting facts about me:

  • One of my favorite hobbies is knitting. I knit most of the sweaters I wear on a regular basis.

  • One of the pieces of music I use to encourage focus while writing is Poison by Alice Cooper.

  • I once fell asleep on a bus going from Edinburgh to Glasgow and the driver didn’t realize I was there, so he drove all the way to the depot in East Kilbride (11.6 miles away) before turning around and driving me back to my hostel.

Do you think we'd be a good fit?

Get in touch today so I can help bring your brilliant content ideas to life.


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